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Find Hotel Management Jobs in Lucknow

Lucknow, a city of nawabs, has no dearth of lucrative job opportunities in different sectors. However, there is a huge career opportunity in the field of hotel management. The following article talks about the city and job opportunities.

Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. Always known for its multi-culture, today it is recognized as a major center of music, tourism, education and commerce. People in Lucknow are fond of sumptuous food and the market for foodies has created a scope for increasing job opportunities in hotel management sector.

Food Culture

The Awadh region of Lucknow depicts its own unique style of Nawabi cuisine. The popular cuisine includes a wide range of kebabs, breads, and biryani. The different types of kebabs that defines Lucknow speciality include Seekh Kababs, Boti Kababs,Shami Kabab, Galawati Kabab, and Kakori Kababs.

Emerging Career in Hotel Management

Hotel management is a major part of hospitality sector and offers wide range of jobs in Lucknow. The existing and upcoming hotels, resorts and restaurants in the city are the major recruiters of skilled hotel managers in the city. Some of the well-known hotels in Lucknow that employ graduates and skilled professionals in different job roles include Clarks Avadh, Hotel Gemini Continental, The Deep Palace, Tulip Inn and India Awadh, and The Piccadily, Capoors Hotel.

HM has emerged as a global career, as more hotel chains are opening new restaurants and hotels in different countries, cities and localities. This career option is considered as a glamorous field for young students.

Hotel management includes a wide range of areas such as Hotel and Restaurant management, Catering, Cruise Ship HM, and Hospital Administration. Lucknow is considered as a popular tourist destination due to the presence of historical places in the city. Food is another major attraction of the city, which attracts many visitors. In such a scenario, the job opportunities for hotel managers are increasing in the city.

Education, Institutes

If you are looking for a HM job in Lucknow, the right approach is to pursue a course in the field from any reputed HM college in Lucknow or from any other city. This is mainly because the trained professionals are always preferred over the untrained job seekers. There are several institutes in the city that offer hotel management degrees. Some of them include Institute of Hotel Management, Amity University, Babu Banarasi Das University, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, CHTS Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Tourism.

Job Roles

The wide range of job roles available in HM includes:

Execute Housekeepers This job role includes the responsibility of ensuring cleanliness in hotels.

Convention Services Managers These managers work in coordination with conferencing facilities and clients for arranging meetings, conventions and seminars.

Resident ManagersThese professionals are responsible for offering services to clients at just a call away.

Front Office Managers– This is one of the common job roles offered to the professionals in hotel industry. Front office managers are responsible for managing the entire office operations in a hotel.

General Managers This is a higher job profile, which includes responsibility of all operations in hotels.

Apart from these roles, one can also find other job profiles while working for any hotel or restaurant.

Hence, to find out a job in Lucknow, HM offers a wide range of job opportunities depending on your work experience, qualifications and career plans.