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Cuisinart Brick Oven – Combining the Classic Pizza Oven With Modern Convenience

The Cuisinart brick oven combines the classic brick oven philosophy and the modern electric oven design to bring you a ground-breaking and easy-to-use countertop brick oven.

The Cuisinart brick oven brings pizza parlor perfection to your kitchen. You can now serve exquisitely baked brick oven pizza to your dining table. Your spouse and children will truly enjoy family dinners with the classic pizza oven taste and aroma exciting their senses. With this modern brick oven, you can cook or re-heat both fresh and frozen pizzas.

This Cuisinart oven uses real bricks inside its showroom-class exterior and brings traditional high-heat oven cooking right on your kitchen counter. The 2 brick inserts in the side plus the pizza stone below retain enough heat to give you the crispiest crusts, the most succulent toppings and delectable cheese.

Cuisinart introduces classic design in modern cooking with their innovative countertop brick oven. The genuine bricks built inside this restaurant-class oven permit traditional brick-oven cooking on the countertops of modern kitchens. The polished industrial design and 3 cooking functions make this multi-purpose countertop oven an indispensable asset in your kitchen.

The Cuisinart brick oven feature an industrial-grade stainless steel housing for that showroom look in your kitchen. The non-stick coating in the interior surface with no bricks allows for easy cleaning after you use it. The 3 control knobs offers flexible bake, broil or toast cooking functions whenever you need them. You can cook simultaneously with this oven by using the 2 racks intended for multi-level cooking. The tinted glass oven window adds a classic yet sophisticated look for the oven and to reflect your cultured lifestyle. This also saves you time from regularly opening the oven door just to check the food.

The baking compartment has a capacity of 0.9 cubic feet and runs on 1,700 Watts of power. The oven has 2 fixed 500°F-rated brick inserts found in its inner sides. An additional removable lower baking stone is also included. The oven needs to be preheated for about 20 minutes or less depending on the cooking job. This combination ensure the intense brick-baked oven experience that you cannot find in other modern ovens.

Upon purchase, you’ll get an oven unit with 2 brick inserts, a pull-stop cooking rack, a removable baking tray, a reversible broiling pan, a detachable rear crumb tray, an instruction/recipe booklet. The oven comes with an exclusive 3-year limited warranty.

Excellent for everyday and heavy-duty kitchen use. With this oven, you can roast whole chicken, steak, hams or salmon. It’s also great for baking pizzas, lasagna, mini meat loaves, apples pies, cakes, muffins, pretzels, cookies or brownies. You can cook casseroles, quiche and broiled shrimp. The culinary possibilities are endless.

The Cuisinart pizza oven relives the good old days of baking bread or roasting chickens in old-fashioned wood-fueled brick ovens. This modern brick oven sitting on top of your kitchen counter can fool the untrained eye of its real talents. Once you experience baking with this kitchen wonder, you might forget using the stove or the microwave. Non-culinary experts might instead find themselves curious with learning the craft just to use the oven. So you better watch your self about that.