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Business Process Management Basics

The key to the efficiency and success of any organization or business is its processes. These processes are those actions or steps which must first take place in order to achieve a particular outcome. When such processes occur slowly, don’t work or simply go wrong, the organization fails to succeed. Just as these processes are essential for the success for any company, business process management, (BPM), is vital for making all those processes work efficiently. Therefore, understanding the basics of BPM is the first step in understanding as to how this concept can positively impact a business.

Business Process Management Applications

This process can be described in terms of 3 different application levels:




Each level impacts BPM in a totally different way, expanding its depth and breadth as it spreads wide within an organization. Let’s look at each of these levels in detail.

Software – At this level, software tools are used for improving the business processes. At this level, the processes are automated as a result of which they are executed efficiently. The software is also used for monitoring the progress so as to achieve the desired outcome. The BPM software tools brought an amazing shift to the management process because now the information could freely flow between different applications within an organization and between the applications and people. The BPM software is used for uncomplicated and simple processes within a department or group and it actually automates the manual processes thereby bringing efficiency within a business. All the information here can even be used for the audit purpose and acts as a driver for continuous improvement of the processes.

Suite – This level permits a business to successfully apply the business process management practices across multiple groups or departments. Multiple users can easily share knowledge, documents and task management by using a work portal. An ABM suite helps businesses in building composite applications which quickly permit the users to view some process from beginning till its completion.

System – This is a highest level of BPM and is designed for applying the concepts of process management all across the organization.

This system takes a holistic view of the entire organization and helps in bringing consistency and structure to the process management. Here the focus is not just on IT or software applications but on the overall policies, practices and methods of operation of the organization.