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Horse Racing: What Does Profitcapping And Advanced Handicapping Have Do With Anything In Racing?

What does profitcapping and advanced handicapping have to with anything in racing? A great deal or simply everything. Because racing’s about two things: money and a horse race. So a player must study how the money part works and how the racing of horses work.It’s simple but detailed involved. Profitcapping involves many things but to make money by design you must comprehend how the money is designed in the game. That’s not hard to do because much of it has already been done for you. Profitcapping lets you learn how much money is there in the first place and then how much of that has the potential of becoming profit. Each and every race is assessed and passed or played based on profitcapping reasons.

Advanced handicapping is what virtually all players need otherwise the road to the pot of gold is much harder to traverse. Handicapping entails seeing each race in detail and handicapping each single race per race card. Then passing or playing it based on handicapping reasons. In advanced handicapping races are played in the context of a statistical form of a long-term 3-10 years outlook. Such as: (1) What a single race will do and (2) What 1,000’s of races will produce over a 3-10 years time period as a result.

It’s never a matter of a single 100% solution for everything for all time. There is none. There are only – real – solutions and they’re few and in between. Many players are searching for the one and only method for everything that’ll do it all. There’s no such a thing. Racing’s complex and no one method in handicapping fits all. The game isn’t structured like that. No one person created racing but thousands of people in the business for over a 100 years did. What does profitcapping and advanced handicapping have to do with anything in racing?

On the handicapping side you deal with matters such as: ranking horses, factors such as class, form, pace, creating a line up, field size, jockey, trainer, lengths, pedigree, surface, track bias, trip, speed, weather, order of finish positions, race types such as maiden, claiming, stakes, etc. This has nothing to do with money but endeavoring to predict what horse(s) will come in what position(s) at the race’s end. Most players believe that everything can be found in handicapping. It can’t. Only 50% of the answers can be found there. There’s money involved and not just a horse race to figure out.

This is why there’s a total money side to racing called profitcapping. This deals with ticket price, ticket formats, money aspect of field size, money management, SIM or sustain investment money, profitcapping pass or play, probability, potential profit, tote odds, seeking value and price, value positions or VP, wager types (win, show, exacta, pick 6, pick 4 and so on), etc. You’re predicting the amount of money to be made. This is partially how to answer the question of: what does profitcapping and advanced handicapping have to do with anything in racing.